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Our Services

Asset Performance Management Consulting

“Leitung Gate’s performance management consulting service allows you benchmark the performance of your physical assets and primary, secondary and tertiary operational processes…”

Due Diligence Performance

“With us informed investment decision on oil and gas assets are made easier. Our team of experts provide prospecting investors deep insights into the Operating (OPEX), Capital (CAPEX), Transition (TREX) and Abandonment (ABEX) costs of oil and gas assets….”

Certification Consulting Service

“Designing and implementing risk-based management systems that conform with international best practice standards advocated by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a core competence…”

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

“Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERPs) are modular applications used as online and/or offline tools to document, measure, analyse and control the resources and processes within an organization…”

Personnel Training & Certification

“We understand business success & sustainability starts with people. Consequently, a core focus for us in managing operational risks and positioning for sustainable growth is the capacity development of your human capital.”

Asset Integrity Assurance

“Our team of reliability engineers and integrity assurance specialists provide independent asset integrity assurance consultancy and testing solutions for materials testing, failure investigation, corrosion management and safety…”

Conformance Inspections & Auditing Services

“Our technical conformance inspections and auditing service are effective solutions for objectively selecting, evaluating and re-evaluating assets based on the ability of the assets and their operating environments to conform to client, physical specifications…”

Risk Management Consulting Service

”Our comprehensive range of risk management services will assure your organisation’s full compliance with international risk management principles and standards including…”

Feasibility Studies & Business Case Development

“With our business case and feasibility consultancy support, you can narrow down your options to an to an investment project that reduces your investment risks and provides optimal returns”